1. All products carry standard manufacturer’s warranty as per Xiaomi guidelines.
  2. The warranty is limited to repairing or providing replacement of part/s, which are found to be defective.
  3. In all cases, the warranty is continued from the original product date and will not be extended.
  4. In the event of repairs / replacement of any part/s of the unit, this warranty will thereafter continue and remain in force for the unexpired period of the warranty. Moreover, the time taken for repair / replacement and in transit whether under the warranty or otherwise shall not be excluded from the warranty period.
  5. The warranty is not available for FOC items & packaging accessories.
  6. This warranty is only applicable in the UAE.
  7. Xiaomi may conduct diagnostic tests on customer’s products to identify the causes of failures / defects. Before returning any unit for service, customer should back up and remove any confidential and/or personal information from the product. Xiaomi is not responsible for damage or loss of any program, data or removable storage media.
  8. Prior to contacting Xiaomi, please ensure the following information is at hand:
    • Model, serial number and IMEI number of the unit.
    • Customer’s full address and contact information.

This warranty is not applicable in any of the following cases:

  1. Defects or malfunctions caused by damage or resulting from improper care, misuse or abuse of the product, or operation of the product contrary to the instructions contained in the owner’s manual.
  2. Defects caused by improper use as determined by the company personnel.
  3. Modification or alteration of any nature made in the electric circuitry / physical construction of the set.
  4. Installation / repair work carried out by persons / agency other than those authorized by the company.
  5. Site (premises where the product is kept) conditions that do not confirm to the recommended operating conditions of the machine. Damage caused by overcharging and wrong voltage burnouts and/or use of unapproved chargers.
  6. The product serial number, IMEI number or warranty seal is illegible or has been removed, erased, defaced, altered and / or tampered. Any accessory or external part of the product is found missing.
  7. Damage or defect caused by accident, sand, water, sweat or battery leakage.
  8. Damage caused during transportation or mail by customer.
  9. Product is tampered, modified, repaired or there has been an attempt to repair by unauthorized service personnel.
  10. Model name and serial no. on the warranty card does not match the product, or if they are altered, removed or mutilated.
  11. Device improper working due to some software installation, customized settings, antivirus & lack of know how is not covered in the scope of warranty.
  12. Any damage occurs in / on outer surface of the product, including but not limited to cracks, dents or scratches on the exterior cases, screens, camera lenses, buttons and other attachments.
  13. There is no warranty for the Mi Band strap and similar accessories.
  14. General maintenance, password reset assistance, cleaning, application update / installation, product demonstration or any other service other than repair / replacement.
  15. Deterioration of the product caused by normal wear and tear, including but not limited to rust and stains.
  16. Any other circumstances that are contradictory or are not in compliance with business ethics.

Exchange policy (7 days exchange)

  1. Product should be returned back within 7 days of purchase as per guideline mentioned in point 4.
  2. Customer needs to produce original invoice during the time of return.
  3. If the product that is purchased has a bundle, then the entire bundle (FOCs, GVS, accessories etc.) need to be returned back in original condition.
  4. The product must be in its original packing condition (including instruction manual and all accessories), which means it is unworn, unopened from shrink wrap or seal opened, unused and in its original condition. Sew-in labels should be attached. If the conditions are satisfied, customer would be issued credit note request with equivalent value of purchase.
  5. Cash refunds are not allowed.

Service Hotline: 800-XIAOMI (942664)

Saturday to Thursday - 10.00AM to 7.00PM